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WELCOME LENSES have 5 superior advantages over conventional standard lenses:

1. Strongest material of any lens

2. Lightest material of any lens

3. 25% thinner than conventional standard lenses

4. Digital lenses offer edge-to-edge clarity rather than just the central lens clarity of conventional lenses

5. Five performance coatings

WELCOME LENSES use patented technology developed in Pennsylvania, United States and Tokyo, Japan.

Our Lenses are the safest lenses on the market, are made of an exceptionally clear, lightweight lens material, which translates into excellent all-day wearing comfort.


Developed for strong protection:

WELCOME LENSES material was originally developed for use by the military in helicopter windshields and fighter jet canopies. We tailored the chemistry of the material making our lens one of the most lightweight, impact-resistant eyeglass lens materials available.


The Comfort of a Lightweight Lens:

WELCOME LENSES are exceptionally lightweight. In fact, the WELCOME LENS material has the lightest specific gravity (density per unit volume) of any lightweight material used for eyeglass lenses today.


Thinner lens for better frame fit:

WELCOME LENSES are 25% thinner than standard CR39 lenses, they are much denser than the standard lenses allowing the lenses to be thinner in the centre.


Digitally customized lenses:

WELCOME LENSES use patented technology called “free-form”. Think of it as a tailor for your eyes. Just like you can take an off-the-rack pair of pants and have it customised to fit your specific measurements, you can now have lenses made customised for your specific prescription and frames.

In addition to the improved visual clarity that customised free-form lenses provide, you can expect:

* Exceptional night/low light vision

* Exceptional contrast perception

* Exceptional colour vision


Cleaner and clearer lenses for longer:

WELCOME LENSES will have five performance coatings on the lens to protect them from everyday elements, to keep your lenses cleaner and clearer for longer, these include the following:

1. Anti-scratch coating

2. Anti-reflection coating

3. Water repellent coating

4. Anti-static coating

5. 100% UV Protection

Welcome eyewear
Welcome eyewear