Welcome eyewear

This project was born from our desire to revitalize the way we see through lenses. The movement of the eyes around the lenses deserve the highest clarity, the purest vision.

WELCOME lenses use patented technology developed in the United States and Japan. Our advanced lens technology digitally maps a prescription onto what becomes a truly bespoke set of lenses. The distortion of conventional off-the-shelf lenses becomes a thing of the past.

WELCOME lenses use specially developed material that creates the lightest and strongest lenses in the world. Our lenses undergo a 21-hour manufacturing process with over 9 different stages, providing for stunning clarity and crystal-clear vision.

WELCOME sun lenses are manufactured in Italy and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection regardless of the colour gradience. We choose the best material to enhance the colour vibrancy of the lenses.

Style takes time to mature, that is why we design organically according to our sensibilities, never bound by trends or seasons. Designed between New York, London and Paris, all WELCOME frames are handmade in small series with a boundary pushing design ethos.

WELCOME puts the human experience at the centre of technology, celebrating the joy of extraordinary vision.