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As a modern company, we work every day to make glasses of the highest quality for sophisticated people around the world. Our design team take their time to meticulously develop classic designs and technical finesse. The spectacle makers at our manufacturing facilities in Northern Italy and the Far East produce elaborate craftsmanship.

All our frames are handmade using the finest materials and every single frame is made individually by the best craftsmen in the industry.

We are committed to offering to best service and products and that’s why we have partnered with HOYA who started manufacturing eyeglass lenses in 1962. As a global manufacturer of eyeglass lenses, HOYA has passionately driven optical technology innovation with the aim of finding only the best vision solutions. HOYA’s unparalleled technology creates a profoundly clear vision experience for the progressive lens wearer.

    All the good stuff included. 



                          UV protection  Protecting eyes against the dangers of UV rays. 


                         Superhydrophobic coating Ensures water droplets have minimal grip on the lens surface.  Allowing optimal vision in rain or condensation.


                     Anti-reflective coating Reflections cause irritation and eye fatigue. Our coatings reduce these reflections and provide relaxed vision and improved visual comfort.        


                         Scratch-resistant treatment  Scratches are easily made, our ultra-hard coating reduces the chance of scratches.


You can find our price list here.

Welcome eyewear
Welcome eyewear