Where can I buy?

You can buy right here online or in our eyewear studio in Charing Cross, London. Our frames can be purchased with or without prescription lenses. In optical, or as sunglasses.

What sizes your frames are?

Our frames come with standardized measurements all of which are written in millimetres. These are printed onto the inside of all Welcome Eyewear spectacles. The first number (49) refers to lens diameter.

This is governed more by the style of the frame than the dimensions of your face. The second number (19) refers to the bridge width or the gap between the edges of the two lenses. The third number (145) refers to the arm length (or temple length). This is the full length of the arm, from the very tip to the very end.

What prescription can you cater for?

In-store we offer single vision lenses for either distance or reading, varifocal, bifocal and occupational lenses.

Our standard price of £135 includes 1.5/ 1.6 single vision lenses for stronger prescriptions we can provide high index lenses at extra cost (please see our list price here)

What lenses do you offer?

For prescription glasses, we offer various lenses to suit most prescriptions. All of which come with an anti-reflective, anti-scratch coating, oleophobic, hydrophobic and anti-static as standard.

Our optical lenses also provide full UV protection. The thickness of the lens will be determined by your prescription.

Our prescription sunglasses come with hard, anti-scratch coated plastic tinted lenses. As standard, we tint with green, grey or brown colours to 85% ABS. This is the darkest tint that can legally be used to drive.

All our lenses offer full UV400 protection. 1.5 CR-39 (included) a strong plastic lens for basic prescriptions 1.67 (included) a high-index lens for stronger prescriptions with a back surfaced anti-reflection coating.

1.5 CR-39 (included) a strong plastic lens for basic prescriptions 1.67 (included) a high-index lens for stronger prescriptions with a back surfaced anti-reflection coating.


Sun CR-39 – plastic lenses with a hard coating, ensuring the cosmetic appearance of the lenses remains intact for a longer time. Please note: Our lens options are more extensive in-store. Including a full range of mirror sun lenses. If you are interested in something specific, come and visit us. We will do what we can to help.

What is your returns policy?

We offer a 30 day, no quibble return policy from the date you receive your order. We are happy to refund in full or exchange any item if you are not satisfied. We’ll even cover the cost of return UK postage. Get in touch at info@welcomeeyewear.com for more details.

What happens after I order?

Our team will review your order and if necessary get in touch with any questions. You will then receive confirmation of your order via email with an estimated date of delivery. You will receive a further notification when your order has been dispatched or is ready to collect from our studio.


We are offering twelve months warranty against any manufacturer faults. Should your frames need attention outside that period or the damage is self-inflicted, get in touch and we’ll do our best to advise and help.

We do offer complimentary repairs and adjustments at our Eyewear Studio. There is no need to book an appointment.

If you’re in need of a repair, email us at info@welcomeeyewear.com and we will advise on the options.

While all of our lenses have a scratch-resistant coating, they’re not scratch proof. Every now and then our glasses need a little TLC to help them look good and extend their life. When not in use, store your Welcome Eyewear in the case provided to protect the lens.


How much does UK delivery cost?

Shipping is free to anywhere in the UK on all orders. For the rest of the world orders, the shipping cost £15.

Your parcel will be delivered by DPD or DHL depending on your location. Both services are next business day, tracked, and signed for. You will also receive email updates from the couriers with detailed delivery information.

How long will my order take to arrive?

This depends on the nature of the order. A guideline of expected lead times can be found below:


How do I understand my prescription?

Prescriptions can be unnecessarily complicated things but we have simplified them for you.

Sphere (SPH) /+ or –

The number follows the + or – sign.

‘+’means you are long-sighted
‘-‘ means you are short-sighted
Sometimes you’ll find the + or- sign written above the number. It is measured in diopters, going up in steps of 0.25.

Sometimes you’ll notice there is Plano, PL Infinity (∞) or 0.00, which all equal to zero. No visual correction is required.


This is the additional correction required for reading. Also written as near addition or NV – it is required for reading.

An ADD can range from +0.25 to +4.00. (It goes up in steps of 0.25).

Cylinder (CYL)

Cylinder number refers to how mild or severe your astigmatism is.

An empty box or DS means there is no astigmatism or it’s too small to require correction.

Astigmatism can range from +/- 0.25 to +/- 2.00


Axis indicates the position of the cyl and can range between 1-180.

OS and OD

OS means left eye and OD means right eye.

PD (pupillary distance)

Measures the distance between your eyes, from the centre point of one pupil to the other.

Other symbols

Other symbols which you may find include BAL (balance), VA (visual acuity) and BVD (back vertex distance).

VA and BVD will not be required to place your order.

My prescription has a prism. Can you make my lenses? In most circumstances, this is not a problem. Email us a copy of your prescription and we’ll take a look.

How do I adjust my frames?

It is important that your frames fit you well. Both for comfort and so the lenses are positioned correctly for your vision. Minor adjustments are simple and straightforward.

The most common adjustments are made to the temple arms. The length to bend can be adjusted to fit, and the angle of the let back can be increased for different shaped heads.

If your frames are crooked the angle of the side can be adjusted to make the frames sit evenly. Furthermore, if your spectacles are sliding down your nose, the angle of bend, and let back can be adjusted to prevent this.

Our metal frames all have adjustable nose pads, which can be altered for different shaped bridges. If our stores are not convenient to you, then most opticians will do adjustments for a small fee. Please get in touch for more advice.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do I pay import duty charges if I live outside the UK?

When a parcel reaches a destination country outside of the UK it might incur import duty charges. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel and will be forwarded on by the courier. The cost is dependent on the customs and import policy of the destination country. These can vary widely between countries. You can contact your local customs office for more information. The customer is liable for any unpaid customs charges. Return shipment and customs fees will be deducted from any refund due.

Can I use my contact lens prescription?

Unfortunately, not. Contact lenses and glasses prescriptions are slightly different due to the different proximity of the lenses from your eyes. We can’t make spectacle lenses from a contact lens prescription.

Can I order varifocals or bifocals online?

We’re afraid not. But the good news is we do offer them in our Eyewear Studio. Our team will be able to help out with precise measurements and adjustments whilst you are wearing your chosen frame in order to fit varifocal or bifocal lenses.

Can I order prescription sunglasses?

As standard, we offer prescription sunglasses with CR39 hard-coated lenses in green, grey, or brown tints. For stronger prescriptions, you may need thinner lenses, which are available to buy at the checkout. More tints and finishes are available in our stores. If you’re interested in a different tint, we may be able to help you. Just get in touch for more details. Please email us to info@welcomeeyewear.com for more information.


Can I order more than one pair with different prescriptions?

If you would like to do this, the best way is to place separate orders. Or you can place one order and email us with clear instructions on frames and prescriptions

Can I collect my order in store?

Absolutely. Simply follow the click and collect instructions in the checkout. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready for collection.

Can I change my order?

We start processing orders a soon as possible, 7 days a week. So if you’d like to make any changes please contact us as quickly as you can.